From the first meeting where you gave him the notebook and throughout the year, you kept him focused on the process and task of getting into college. He would never have completed this on his own! We had no idea what all was involved. Thanks for taking him under your wing.
— Henry H. Grandparent of VCU student, Class of 2022
You definitely have the students’ best interest and truly care. Very helpful in reducing stress. The timeline and keeping her on track was also very helpful - not only kept her on track but us too!
— Pam D. Parent of Belmont College student, Class of 2020
We greatly appreciated the help in organizing and keeping track of a very confusing and complex application process involving the submission to over 10 schools as well as audition schedules. It stressed our daughter out so much and you helped her work through it. We also appreciated your insights as to how specific schools considered essays, etc. we may not have otherwise known about and guidance on writing essays. What was most helpful was your being a clear, calm voice of reason and guidance as you listened to both student and parent concerns and guided us in the right direction.
— Cheri T. Parent of Penn State student, Class of 2020
I wanted to thank you for all you did to help my son and me get through the process. I so appreciated having you as a resource. It was helpful to have you to bounce questions off about all kinds if things like timing of tests, whether to test again and helping to provide a place for our son to sort through his ideas.
— Karen A. Parent of CNU student, Class of 2020
“Susan helped us research and evaluate numerous college choices for my oldest daughter. Susan patiently worked with her to sort through the various college options and match them with my daughter’s goals, personality, and academic aptitude, She was excellent at finding a balance between coaching and listening to help arrive at the best fit. Just as important, Susan provided a gentle, knowledgeable, unbiased, and positive approach to a process that can be very difficult. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking assistance with the college application and selection process.”
— Jeffrey C. - Parent of a Virginia Tech Student, Class Of 2016
“Since this was my first child applying to college the process seemed overwhelming. You were able to help my daughter help herself as she completed the applications mostly on her own. You helped break down the application process into smaller parts and encouraged her to set goals and follow deadlines. This was a huge help for me because I had never been through this before and wasn’t sure where to start. Thank you for encouraging her and easing her anxiety.”

— Jennifer S., Parent of a University of Mary Washington student, Class of 2017
“Susan was always ready with support and wisdom. The experience was superb. When I asked my daughter who she wanted to invite to her graduation party, she told me that you (Susan) had the biggest impact on her these past few years.”
— Ann R., Parent of a University of Virginia student, Class of 2017
You were extremely helpful to us in navigating the process, providing advice and guidance, and working with Tyler to help him stay on track. You became friend and trusted resource for him and we are very grateful. It has been a joy working with you.
— Parent of a Hampden-Sydney student, Class of 2019
Thank you for “painting the college process” for our daughter so that the steps were clear. She enjoyed having you as a sounding board and being so accessible to answer her questions and concerns.
— Parent of a Virginia Tech student, Class of 2019


Thank you for everything you have done for me over this past year. From helping me write my essays to answering any and all of the questions I had. The process would have been much more stressful and difficult without you, and so I thank you for that!
— Kaitlyn M. Virginia Tech, Class of 2022
…thanks for all your support! Thanks for helping me get into my dream school!
— Sydney S. Virginia Tech, Class of 2022
Thank you so incredibly much for being the best college counselor ever! You helped me more than you know and I cannot thank you enough!
— Rebeccah P. Virginia Tech, Class of 2020
“There is no way I could have done all that stuff and stayed organized without you. Thank you.”
— Mitchell D., Student
“I found that the method of listing pros and cons when making my acceptance decision helped me delineate my thoughts a lot! Just having someone to go over the process with and give advice was a big help.”
— Hannah S., Student
I cannot even begin to explain how helpful you were in my college application process. Without your diligence in guiding and assisting me, I don’t think I would have been accepted to Johns Hopkins in the first place. Thank you so much.
— Zack B. Johns Hopkins University, Class of 2019

It has been my pleasure to help students achieve their goal of attending a top choice college.

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